Wobedo Design AB

Wobedo Design AB is a design company established in 2007 in Lund, Sweden. Wobedo Design stands for creativity, joy and innovation.


Chairman: Mikael Lagerberg, Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Law

Member: Christel Månsson, Managing Director and founder

Member: Jörgen Månsson, marketing strategist

Member: Jannika Larsson

Member: Anders Lundgren

Office in London, UK

Jannika Larsson and Anders Lundgren

Partners in cooperation


Photographers: Anna Diehl, Karl Westin, Leo Gullbring


Wobedo Design AB • Fredsgatan 3 A • 222 20 Lund • 0708 961289 • info@wobedo.com

Wobedo Design AB • UK • jannika@wobedo.comanders@wobedo.com

Our vision is not only to create a better and more balanced

acoustic environment in working places, but also that our products will enhance the beauty of the interiors, and add harmony. Choose between the soft shapes of Woolbubbles, the  graphic and sharp Squarebubbles or the figurative Town.

The sound absorbing tests have shown some of the best results among wallpanels and we will happily show the results for you.