Town Floor


Town Floor is with its playful and catchy forms unique in the market. Dressed in exclusive wool fabric, they are beautiful and tactile and are available in 48 colours.

Town Floor is available in three basic shapes - Apartment Floor, Barn Floor and Townhouse Floor to enable you to build your own town.

Town Floor Town House (kopia).jpg
Town Floor Barn (kopia).jpg
Town Floor Apartement (kopia).jpg

Town Floor - Townhouse

Size: 850 x 1850 x 60 mm
Weight: 24 kg

Town Floor - Barn

Size: 1650 x 1300 x 60 mm
Weight: 29 kg

Town Floor - Apartement

Size: 1150 x 1650 x 60 mm
Weight: 25 kg


Foot is added 9 kg

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