founder of Wobedo Design of sweden - Christel Månsson


Who are you?
My name is Christel Månsson and I’m a passionate and stubborn person who is convinced that everything is possible.

What’s your education?
I read aesthetic program for two years at Folk highschool and then entered Interior Architecture and Furniture Design. I got the title Master of Fine Arts!

How did you come up with the idea of tarting Wobedo Design?
While on phone, I just played with my pen and made some scribbles on a piece of paper. The scribbles became sketches, Woolbubbles and Wobedo Design. With small funds, Wobedo Design has grown and developed since then.

What were your thoughts with Woolbubbles?
My idea was to soften up the interior with silencing and shapes. Architecture is built on squares and rectangles and I wanted to do the opposite to this. With Woolbubble's arching the light would fall beautiful and further emphasize the softness.

Your inspiration, where do you find it?
I like exciting material and tactile expressions. The best design and art is the one who has several layers of thoughts and meaning behind. Right now, the craftsmanship inspires the most. I read through meticulously the nice magazine Hemslöjd.

What do you do when you do not work?
I work with ideas, materials and inspiration, and I’m always going after something creative.